Support for the Canadian and US Truckers

Support for the Canadian and US Truckers

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Hello to all of you fellow truckers and supporters on this Super Bowl Sunday. I hope everyone is well today as we, the people and truck drivers of the US and Canada have a lot going on. Think back, not that long ago we the American and Canadian truckers were lauded as heroes for keeping food on the shelves and look at what we are getting in return. People walking up to us and giving thanks for our sacrifices to make sure our countries are fed and have the supplies that we need. Now fast forward to today. Our fellow drivers in Canada have staged what has been so far a peaceful protest to let the Trudeau administration know that they refuse to be subjected to the tyrannical biddings of their government to mandate the COVID 19 vaccines for all drivers or quarantine them at home for two weeks if they haven’t gotten the shots. Bluntly stated, it’s their bodies and their choice. Peaceful convoys and protests have begun across Canada and now the Trudeau administration, through it’s socialist might has ordered local and provincial authorities in addition to calling upon the military to silence their free speech and peaceful protests. Just this morning, authorities began arresting the protesters. In addition, they are taking measures to seize donations that are intended to support these truckers. Funds from GoFundMe were frozen and TD Bank has also frozen those assets. 5 days ago, the social media platform “Twitter” banned the Freedom Convoy from their platform. Don’t be surprised if Facebook and Instagram follows suit in the next few days. At this time, truckers in the US are also planning convoys to protest as well. In the meantime, I am offering an alternative to the large social media platforms who seem to be determined to silence the protestors. It’s a new platform that stands on FREEDOM OF SPEECH and no mind control that I put online over a year ago. As a trucker of 34 years, I see the need to offer my expertise in helping the cause and get the word out. I would like to hear from all of the organizers so we can make this work. So, if you are interested in this alternative, go to and sign up. I would be more than happy to help you set up and keep the word going out. It’s much like Facebook except it’s missing the censorship and mind control and before I forget, click the like and subscribe below and by all means, SHARE! I hope to see you there soon. #freedomconvoy2022 #convoyforfreedom2022 #convoy #convoy2022 #canadianprotest #canadiantrucker #canadiantruckers #truckersusa #truckersconvoy #truckersunitedforfreedom #peacefulprotest #peacefulprotests #novaccinemandates


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